• Easily Monitor Microservices, APIs, Databases, Websites and other Services your Business relies on

    (Live at the end of Aug. 2018 - however you can ask for Early Access via Chat on this site)

  • FAQ

    If you can not find an answer to your question here, please ask us via live chat.

    How much does it Cost?

    Try.Run has a FREE account that is limited to 2 Active Monitors.

    Our Paid Accounts are $5 per month per 5 Active Monitors, for example 7 active monitors would cost $10 a month.

    What is an Active Monitor

    Active Monitor means a monitor that is actively running at any given time, and is not 'suspended' or 'turned off'. We allow you to add as many monitors as you like. For example, you could create 10 monitors on your free account, but only 2 can be actively monitoring at once, all others will created and set to a suspended not active state. until you upgrade your account or you suspend/stop one of your existing monitors, at which time you can make them active.

    How do we Upgrade

    All new accounts start as FREE accounts, to upgrade you need to go to your account settings, accessed by the dashboard and select change plan next to the Monitor limits section on the page. From here you can increase your Monitor Limit up-to a maximum of 100 active monitors.

    Can I have more than 100 Active Monitors

    Yes you can. However you will need to contact us to upgrade to more than 100 monitors. Since we have imposed a self service limit to a maximum of 100 active monitors.

    External Monitoring is Awesome, but can I Monitor inside my infrastructural as-well

    Yes you can on paid accounts, just contact our customer success team to learn more via this email address

    In my Dashboard Settings, I see some product features that are not active

    This is correct, Try.Run is one of the new range of .Run Products that are being or have been released by Instant API Inc, if you have any of these other products active you will see them enabled and your main dashboard menu will had more options relating to those products. To learn more about Instant API Inc, and the .Run Products that are released or in Early Access please check the links in the footer of this site, or click this link